Student's Union

When you come to DkIT, you will have the chance to become a member of the SU – one of the most active students’ unions in the country. The Union’s vision is to make sure you love your time at DkIT, and it offers an enviable range of help, advice, supports, events, activities and entertainment.The SU is run by students for students, and is here to make sure you love your time at DkIT. We offer a wide range of supports, services and events to make sure you have the best possible time at DkIT.

The SU represents student views at an institute-wide level on various committees and bodies throughout the college and we communicate them directly to management in DkIT. We also represent the students of DkIT at the Union of Students in Ireland National Council, which gives our students a voice on national issues such as: fees, grants, accommodation, equality and protecting student rights.

When you come to DkIT, you will have an opportunity to be involved in the SU by becoming a Class Rep – the vital link between your classmates and the Union. Becoming a class rep is a great way to make new friends, assist in the running of college events, have your voice heard.