Learn more about the DARE scheme and hear from students speaking about accessibility and inclusivity on campus.

DkIT prides itself on being an open, inclusive and welcoming place of learning for a wide range of students with diverse needs. This session focuses on supports offered by the Disability Offices aimed at ensuring students can thrive and reach their potential while studying at DkIT.

The session provides an overview of the Disability Access Route to Education Programme which is available at DkIT. Our Disability Officer, Geraldine Kneel provides an overview to the application processes and discusses how students can engage with the Disability Office. She will also provide a general overview of accessibility at DkIT.

The webinar includes short presentations by our super impressive current students, Ella, Jack and Connor who speak about their own experiences on campus. They provide personal accounts of the Disability Service and offer guidance and tips to prospective students you may be considering progressing to Higher Education in September.

Please note that this video was broadcast live as part of our Online Open Day festival which ran from Monday 16th — Saturday 21st November 2020.

Tom Redmond, DkIT Student Recruitment (Host)

Geraldine Kneel, DkIT Disabiliity Officer

Conor Byrne, 2nd Year Arts Student

Ella Durrigan, 3rd Year Digital Marketing and PR student

Jack McGovern, 2nd Year Science Student